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Jared Belsky
You Get The Agency You Deserve
Jared Belsky, author
You Get the Agency You Deserve by Jared Belsky is designed to help marketers get more out of their agency relationships. It speaks to on-boardings, negotiations, giving feedback and how to best motivate your critical agency partners. It features real insights from leading Chief Marketing Officers and shared perspective from over 100 CEO's and CMO's.
In this helpful business manual, Belsky (The Great Client Partner), cofounder of the marketing agency Acadia, expounds on how executives and managers can get the most out of their company’s relationships with marketing firms and brand consultants. Outlining best practices for giving feedback, Belsky suggests criticism should always tie back to the brand being advertised, an approach he illustrates by recounting how during his time at Fanta, he redirected an overly solemn advertising campaign by reminding the agency developing it that the soda “stood for fruity, fun, and playful experiences.” Belsky also offers insights from the other side of the relationship. For instance, he contends that showing appreciation for an agency’s employees can get them excited about collaborating with a brand and describes how at one of his former agencies, his client treated all 40 people working on the account to a fun off-site bonding event. Elsewhere, Belsky encourages companies to respond to agency work with gratitude and appreciation (even when it requires revision) and attempt to work through any problems with firms before deciding to fire them. Belsky’s focus may be niche, but his sound wisdom addresses a consequential topic rarely covered by other guides. Business leaders would do well to check this out. (Self-published)