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Lisa Kugler
10 Things I Learned From A Schizophrenic Mechanic
Lisa Kugler, author
In her book, Ten Things I Learned from a Schizophrenic Mechanic, L. M. Kugler states "We don't talk about mental illness nearly enough in our society, not enough about what it's like to be mentally ill, nor what it's like for the families of those who are mentally ill." In this novella-length work designed for those aged 15 and up, Mrs. Kugler takes readers on a journey through ten different lessons she learned from her father, who was schizophrenic. She uses vivid stories from her life to do so and ends each chapter with a few questions designed to engage the reader with their own autobiographical history. Through this book, she aims to take away some of the stigma of mental illness by opening the doors of conversation while at the same time, sharing some universal truths we all can benefit from.