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Rene Lafaut
14 Devotions - Victory Over Sin, Conflict, Trauma: A Personal Journey to Healthy Love
Rene Lafaut, author
Start your journey to peace and strength with this transformational book! Through the 14 Devotions in Part I you can increase your faith hope and love in a Christ-centered way. Part II will help you cleanse your mind and heart, and tackle your sin strongholds and addictions. If you are a new Christian, seeking to obey Jesus’ command to love others as yourself, this book will show you how to nurture that natural caring for others he places in all of us. If you are facing struggles and needing a guide to a better path, this book offers hope, wisdom and a trustworthy framework on how to grow in love. You can learn how to transform your mind and heart through strategic prayer. Learn to stream God’s wisdom (in two-way prayer) into a heavenly understanding that lifts you up, to do God’s will through His grace. By caring for others and helping them in meaningful ways, you will grow in unconditional love, and break loose from the bonds of judging others that separate us and keep us lonely.