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Mary Dublin, author
Fae Princess Esmae is prepared to change her life as she knows it forever. She doesn't expect her choice to change the course of the world around her. Prince Daniel isn't like other humans. Esmae knows it from the moment she spots him riding through the woods that separate their kingdoms. She is content enough to be enchanted by him from afar, well aware that even the kindest human can pose a risk to her kind. But when her future is threatened by decisions that aren't her own, Esmae bargains with a witch of the woods to transform her into a human in hopes of regaining control of her life--and winning Daniel's heart through deception. Before Esmae can fulfill her end of the contract, her time is up and she's lost more than she bargained for. She's stranded in a human kingdom without her wings or her magic to offset her miniature height, and the only one who can help is the very person she worked to deceive. What she doesn't expect is for her failure to usher in a world she never dreamed of--a world where her and Daniel's lives can either intertwine in harmony or be doomed along with both their kingdoms.