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Gary Hickman
Gary Hickman, author
The Light Reapers were led by Capt. Marcus Webb and Master Sergeant Alec Priest. Along with Shaw, Abarra, Neville, Shin, Doc and Myles, were deployed to a hidden lab in Turkey where an alliance of terrorists were working on a viral weapon. With the spotty intel, the team finds something they did not expect. The virus was stolen by an ISIS faction with their own ideas for it's use. The team follows the faction to a couple of their sleeper cells to acquire the virus and eliminate the ISIS faction. Upon traveling behind the faction, the team discovers that the damaged container has exposed people to the virus all along the way. The viral weapon turns people into crazed killing machines who are not satisfied with just killing, but are driven to butcher. The infected maintain a certain level of thinking and prove to be more difficult to track and kill. Another major part of their mission was to acquire Dr. Costa and deliver her, along with the virus samples, to a fortified CDC facility to work on a possible antidote. The Light Reapers must complete the mission while battling the infected and trying to stay one step ahead.