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Eugene Kelly
Eugene Kelly, author
19 rules for accumulating wealth and keeping it instead of losing it.
This quick, concise guide breaks down ways to invest and create wealth for readers looking to learn the ways of the stock market, avoid unnecessary risk, and build their financial portfolio. The book has been crafted to elucidate the process of investing, making a profit, and investing again on your own terms, with the goal of maintaining a stream of steadily increasing wealth. Aly delivers easy-to-digest material, likening investments to “one all-encompassing business” that requires time, attention, and hard work to ensure success – and cautions readers to start with a true understanding of their long-term goals coupled with the acknowledgement that the future will always be unpredictable.

Aly starts with a solid introduction on key terms and educational information, including a short infographic with important tips from each chapter, with gems like “When the market is greedy, be fearful. When the market is fearful, be greedy” and advice to add the total amount of any inheritance to investment portfolios. Delving into more specific financial goals, Aly shares how to capitalize on real estate, the importance of establishing emergency cash reserves, understanding tax efficiency, and more. Readers will also appreciate the guide’s outline of personal risks-such as uncontrolled insurance costs or borrowing too much money in unsafe ways-that can interfere with long term financial success. Aly highlights investing for maximum results throughout, in logical steps that avoid unnecessary gambles.

Delivered in bite-size pieces that transform an often-daunting subject into clear-cut advice, this is the perfect how-to - complete with a glossary at the end to clarify confusing investment terms and a helpful step-by-step blueprint to create an Excel portfolio workbook. Aly sums the information with a friendly reminder that “Following these simple rules, investors will achieve their financial goals, not just at retirement, but at every phase of life.” Beginning investors will appreciate Aly’s down-to-earth style, and readers well-versed in financial planning will welcome the refresher course.

Takeaway: A compact yet thorough guide on how to create, gain and keep wealth by investing wisely.

Great for fans of: Tiffany Aliche’s Get Good with Money, Vikram Khaitan’s How to Grow Rich & Become Wealthy.

Production grades
Cover: B
Design and typography: A
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Editing: A
Marketing copy: A

Midwest Book Review/California Bookwatch

California Bookwatch: October 2022

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief

Diane Donovan, Editor

Midwest Book Review

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The Money/Finance Shelf


19 Rules for Getting Rich and Staying Rich Despite Wall Street

E. Aly

Marshwinds Press Company

9781734117035, $24.95 Hardcover/$19.95 Paper/$11.99 ebook


19 Rules for Getting Rich and Staying Rich Despite Wall Street is a wealth acquisition and management guide that should be in any business, economic, or personal financial planner's library. E. Aly makes some surprising admonitions in the course of this analysis - among them the thought that being rich does not translate to saving for retirement and then selling off assets in retirement years; and that there are right and wrong forms of leverage (among other revelations).


These contentions are backed by statistical and financial studies and research that teaches how to build sound investment strategies without sacrificing lifestyle goals, whether present or future. These 19 rules are addressed step-by-step and begin with assessing expectations, definitions of being rich, and approaches to not just building, but maintaining wealth. The latter is a topic too often missed in the drive for the former, but is just as key to becoming and staying rich as the methods for arriving at this point.


As Aly teaches the basics of building an investment portfolio that generates the kind of investment income that translates to wealth, readers receive new ideas about what constitutes that wealth and how it is best managed. Some of the financial insights blend common sense with basic business savvy, while others represent a better definition of and approach to wealth management that incorporates strategies designed to not just generate, but maintain a reliable money stream. The result is a special blend of flexibility, business insights, and goal-driven steps (19, to be specific) designed to foster not just better understanding, but better wealth management strategies.


These are the real keys to defining the concept of "rich" -- and the reason why 19 Rules for Getting Rich and Staying Rich Despite Wall Street proves more logical, accessible, and pragmatic than many "how to get rich" books. It focuses on the building process over the goal of maintaining financial security, while drawing on an investment income that will prove liquid under any condition.


Libraries looking for wealth management books that are filled with strategy backed by real-world experience should consider 19 Rules for Getting Rich and Staying Rich Despite Wall Street a foundation guide to understanding how the rich can get richer -- and maintain that status.



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