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Naif Makmi, author
It was a thing of awe and curiosity as humanity had witnessed the arrival of the first extraterrestrial beings they have seen and their level of sophistication and intellect far outpaced anything that humans have ever known yet this advanced species come seeking refuge from an unknown for and humanity accepts them, gaining from their technology and skill, making rapid advancements than had ever been recorded and enjoying relative peace and prosperity. Olivia is an Astrobiologist with a fascination for the alien species that have landed on Earth, but she knows within that whatever was powerful enough to almost ruin these people would be able to obliterate them and that force still roamed the universe, and it was only a matter of time before it set its sights on Earth. Humanity is soon faced with a foe that requires that they set aside all they have ever known, all the rivalries that have ever existed, and face it as a single species, but can they? Is the average human so selfless as to abandon his own safety and individuality to face a greater cause? Or will humanity be doomed by this foe that lusts for power and the enslavement of all that possesses intelligence in the vast expanse of space?