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David Turri
29 Argyle Drive
David Turri, author
29 Argyle Drive The fictional address of the title is an old house that stands in the hills above the pretty seaside suburb of Sumner in Christchurch, New Zealand. The house is bought by a retired teacher who at the time ran an English language institute, part of Christchurch’s flourishing study-abroad industry. His plan is to shift the school from its cramped premises in the central city area out to Sumner. The neglect of more than a decade must first be cleared away. It is during this that the spiritual entities that infest the house first reveal themselves. As the blurb says: “Some old houses are better left in the neglected state into which they have fallen…Some painful things should remain forgotten…” The story contains all the usual suspects of the occult genre as the details of the house’s past are revealed – the Ouija Board; a séance; a terrifying walk-through of the house by New Zealand’s most famous medium; an exorcism; a stalking spiritual entity; spiritual possession and demonic possession. The tale is set against the background of the once-beautiful city of Christchurch, which was destroyed by earthquake in February 2011. While 29 Argyle Drive is an occult novel, it is also about our – and the media’s – obsession with things occult, as exemplified by the many thousands of websites devoted to the bizarre. At the end, the focus shifts from a fictional horror story to a requiem for the real horror the people of Christchurch suffered on that February day; and which they still suffer.

From the get go, it grabs you, holds on, and won't let you go until you're finished. A very different kind of haunt. Intriguing. A must for horror fans, an avoidance for the squeamish. Very atmosheric, as well. 5 stars*****


Great book. Well paced. Difficult to put down. Featured many interesting characters. If you enjoy reading about exorcisms, this is the book for you! Also ouija board enthusiasts. It brought back memories of playing ouija board with my sisters in my childhood.