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30 Great Topic Ideas for Writing a Perfect Essay
The first step is writing any type of academic paper is selecting a good topic, which will be interesting for your audience and will allow you to build a convincing and logical argument to support your main claims. This process may be rather time-consuming and will require brainstorming a lot of ideas and conducting extensive preliminary research. To help you get started, we have created a list of interesting essay topics that cover a variety of subjects. You will also find some advice on how to choose a good topic for writing a great essay.

How to Choose a Good Essay Topic

The topic plays a crucial role in the success of any piece of writing, but everybody knows that not all essay topics are created equal. If you want to write an essay that will make a great impact on your readers, you should take into account the following aspects when picking a topic to write about.

The best approach is to write about something you are passionate about. Writing a paper is an arduous process, and you will be more motivated to work hard and do in-depth research if the topic is interesting for you.

The topic of your essay should fit your tutor’s guidelines. That’s why you need to read the assignment first and pay attention to the relevant keywords to get a clear understanding of what you are required to do in your essay. Before you start writing, make sure that your subject is approved by your tutor.

Make sure that the topic is narrow enough to cover it within the required word count for your essay. If you choose a general subject, it will be impossible to provide a highly focused and specific argument that will impress your audience.

Make sure that there is enough available information on the chosen subject for you to do a profound research. If you choose a very specific or a new topic, you won’t be able to enough material for your discussion. That’s why you should always do preliminary research to make sure you can find a lot of relevant information and write a full-length essay.

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We’ve collected some of the hottest essay writing ideas that you’re welcome to use when writing your college project next time:

1.Will our civilization collapse in the nearest future? What can we do to prevent the collapse?

2.What model is better for the development of society: tyranny or democracy?

3.Is shopping addiction dangerous? What can be done to overcome it?

4.Why do modern girls and women have different body image problems?

5.How are minorities portrayed in the media?

6.What is your attitude toward the cloning of extinct species?

7.Explain the concept of the fourth industrial revolution, its main causes, and consequences.

8.Discuss the influence of the feminist movement on the evolution of gender roles in contemporary society.

9.Who is your favorite artist? Why do you like his/her works?

10.Is higher education necessary for success in life?

11.Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of creative thinking.

12.What is your greatest strength?

13.Analyze the impact of reality shows on the relationships in our society.

14.How do social media influence your personal development?

15.What is your dream country to live in? Explain your choice.

16.Is virtual reality a future of entertainment?

17.Does advanced technology make people stupid?

18.Do social media make us lonely?

19.Do you feel addicted to junk food?

20.Compare the advantages and disadvantages of e-books and printed books.

21.Is it possible to read a book in 20 minutes?

22.Is tattoo art? Should tattoos be taboos in the workplace?

23.What qualities are necessary to become an entrepreneur?

24.Is STEM a good career for you?

25.Why do you enjoy Disney movies?

26.Are horror movies really scary?

27.What are the advantages and disadvantages of growing in a big family?

28.What is more dangerous: anorexia or obesity?

29.Is global warming real or a hoax? Prove your point of view with evidence.

30.What can be done to prevent excessive air pollution?

As you can see, with some good research and hot ideas at hand, writing a winning college essay is as easy as pie!