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50 Shades of Crazy
E B Archer, author
Christian Grey is dead and a hundred million women mourn his passing. When the man who made it acceptable for a woman to be tied up and taken against her will is found dead, police suspect him the victim of one of his own provocative parlor games gone too far. When the killing is linked to a second homicide, fiction overwhelms fact and speculation of a serial-killer loose on the streets of New York City explodes, with the death of Christian Grey trending nationally on both social and in mainstream media. For up-and-coming media mogul Christina Blanco, the murder could either make or break the prospects of her planned billion dollar IPO. Pursued by an over-zealous NYPD Detective determined to declare Christina suspect number one and confused over her feelings toward Aiden Quartermaine, handsome and wealthy heir to a vast fortune, Christina embarks on a course of action that proves fateful not only to herself but to the people around her.