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52 - A Tale of Loneliness
Spark conversations of empathy, joy, and self-acceptance, in what critic are calling; “Poignant,” “Original,” “A beautiful tale for all ages.” and “A joy to read!” Inspired by the incredible true story of the 52 Hz whale. "Like that! The sunlight trickles down, on bubbles rising from the ground. Or here! The way the water swirled. There's so much beauty in this world." Follow along as 52 introduces us the magic and the beauty of his own invisible world. Link included for a downloadable companion audiobook, read by Patton Oswalt.
Kirkus Review

"A whimsically illustrated, poetic ode to aloneness and self-acceptance... Author, DePalma and illustrator, Brown create a hero with whom young readers will identify." 

Reader's Favorite

"A joy to read. Five Stars!"

Rome Independent Prisma Awards

“Profound… original.”

Terra Jolé, “Dancing with the Stars”

“This book is a wonderful way for children to feel content with who they are. This speaks loudly to me as a mother isolating her family through the pandemic. Embracing a world you're creating for yourself is a powerful message in a children book.”

The Children’s Book Review

“Poignant… A beautiful tale for all ages.”