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Spencer Margaret
52 Lessons With Finn
Lola Thune is thirteen when her father up and leaves. Lola and her mother try to keep their family café afloat, but between school, friends, and life in her sleepy Minnesotan town, Lola's miserable. When she rebels, her mother demands she spend time with her grandfather Finn every week as punishment. After recently losing his wife and son, Finn has been reflecting on the meaning of a life well-lived. In their time together, Finn proposes sharing lessons he’s learned over the years. Each lesson echoes what Lola is facing and is dealt with a playing card from the deck that set Finn’s life on course. As the years go by and the two form a strong bond, they break down their shared experiences of peace and fear, growth and destruction, and freedom and joy, one card at a time. Spanning twenty years and fifty-two lessons, this coming-of-age story follows Lola’s life as it’s lived, and Finn’s life as it’s remembered.