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Rekha Bhagtani
52 Pips
Have you felt that kiss of cozy warm sunshine whilst still enjoying the first rains? We might revel in those mesmerizing new showers albeit those comforting rays of sun shining radiantly beside them cast renewed beacons of hope, promise, and light, nevertheless. Rekha’s poems here are exactly that and much much more. A hot cup of coffee with baskets full of comfort, a small little tote of thoughtful emotions, a nook hidden In time casting life lessons of inspirational life morals and values. Her poems are non-conventional and stylish, exploring a myriad of emotions from hope, love, optimism, success to more sombre ones such as despair, heartbreak, depression, etc. Simultaneously, she has put soul to many of the everyday commonplace concepts which one might dwell or like to harp upon at leisure. This is her first creative attempt at poetry, her maiden step towards literary paths. From addressing sensitive issues in ‘And she departed’, or ‘Depression’, or ‘Thankless and vain’, to ballads of positivity and strivance in ‘Silent striver‘, ‘He sees all’, to an imaginative plethora of ‘What if?’, ‘The parallel universe‘, her writing comes across as original, uncharted territory. Her love poems like ’Then, Now, and Always,’ ‘To this day,’ etc. shall serenade the heartstrings of the reader compelling them to go back and hear the beats of their heart strum.