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Liz H. Kelly
8-Second PR
Liz H Kelly, author

Adult; Business & Personal Finance; (Market)

8-Second PR – 2nd Edition (2022) is a New Public Relations Crash Course with 20 New Strategies for a Post-Pandemic World! Learn PR Secrets to get national media interviews, and increase sales using the power of publicity! With the average attention span of an adult now being 8 seconds (less than a goldfish), you can learn how to be clear, concise and compelling in all your marketing messages, media pitches and interviews. You will learn how to take your brand to the next level using the power of earned media interviews (TV, print, radio, podcast) that are 3x more valuable than any paid ad using a proven 8-step publicity process! This updated 8-Second PR (2022) can teach you how to develop a Wow Story, relevant media hooks and timely pitches to secure hundreds of national, local and podcast interviews. Find out how to get your brand story covered by traditional media (TODAY Show, CNN, PBS, BBC World News, TIME, The Wall Street Journal, NPR Marketplace, Fast Company, Psychology Today) and digital PR (podcasts, influencers, social media, videos, blogs) so you can increase your credibility, brand awareness and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Based on 15+ years of marketing and public relations experience, you’ll learn Award-Winning Author Liz H Kelly’s PR Success Strategies with priceless case studies and templates that most agencies would never share.
PR expert and entrepreneur Kelly sums up her multifaceted public relations (PR) approach to educate fellows in her field and newcomers to the art to be PR superheroes in this polished and inviting second edition. Gifted at making information stick, she offers both useful one-liners ( “funny=money”) and long-haul action plans, while laying out guiding questions and achievable steps at the close of every chapter, not just encouraging success but showcasing the tools to achieve it. Foundational to her advice on social, print, TV, and radio media—essential tenets to any marathon PR strategy—is that “your brand story is ten times more powerful if it includes how you helped someone.” She also recommends putting earned media over paid media and testing different pitches and POVs via social media, both strategies she’s relied on heavily.

Kelly doesn’t shy away from highlighting her professional pitfalls, reminding audiences that there’s a lesson to be learned with every mistake. Specifically when pitching to major media outlets, those aspiring to be PR superheroes should expect minimal responses and some outright rejections—but she’s clear that the relatively few successes are each to be celebrated. Kelly’s advice can be repetitive, though in this case that both reflects the nature of the work, and what it takes to find success with a media hook, all while making the book easy to dip into.

Kelly’s especially good at recommending actionable, relevant tasks and techniques for the development and promotion of memorable hooks. She recommends, in clear and inviting language, many websites, platforms, and strategies, and she backs up her success stories with testimonials that will read persuasively to today’s media-savvy audience. The guide’s title refers to that audience’s attention span, the amount of time a PR pro has to get a message through, and Kelly recommends a tried-and-true path to connecting during that brief window—and achieving higher ROIs for a variety of clientele.

Takeaway: Polished, proven, actionable steps to PR success from an expert in the field.

Great for fans of: Ann Handley’s Everybody Writes, Jennefer Witter’s The Little Book of Big PR: 100+ Quick Tips to Get Your Small Business Noticed.

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Cover: A-
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