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Sheila Searcy
9 Strategies to Manage Your Money

Adult; Business & Personal Finance; (Market)

You do not have to be super rich to live comfortably, so why not manage the money you have? Are you starting your financial journey or contemplating how to manage debt and build wealth? The relatable personal stories and multiple tips in the 9 Strategies to Manage Your Money will help you attain the financial wellness you seek. Learn how to stop living paycheck to paycheck, pay off debt(s), build your credit, save an emergency fund, and start your stock portfolio. The easy-to-follow steps will guide you toward managing your money and identifying those spending habits that may hinder you from reaching your lifestyle goals. Most importantly, by incorporating these new money habits, you can become the best financial advocate for your future self and your family.

In this brisk, practical self-help financial guide, financial coach Searcy maps out a clear, concise and organized plan to use in gaining control over life's finances, with special attention paid to up-to-date concerns like student loan debt and tips toward improving not just one’s finances but one’s financial reputation: “I use less than 30% of my available credit,” she writes, “to improve my credit score.” Supplying the tools to begin a savings plan, begin exploring stock investments, and planning for retirement when people live longer lives than previous generations, Searcy walks readers through setting up a successful plan to financial freedom and build wealth.

This straight to-the-point book highlights the major steps to eliminating debt and unnecessary spending while building an emergency fund and preparing for the future. Searcy’s expertise shines through with cogent explanations and clear-eyed analysis that will resonate even with financial novices. Readers familiar with other books on financial freedom will appreciate that Searcy doesn’t rely on familiar anecdotes; recognizing the need for a "fresh perspective," she interviews her nephew, discussing his approach to paying off student loan debt and explaining to him the benefits of completing his repayment plan even faster. Searcy’s financial tools—the Bill Binder 2.0 and the Bill Tracker—are keyed to readers’ individual needs, and reflections on ways she has cut out unnecessary bills and luxuries to reach her savings goals. One key takeaway: "live below your means.”

Searcy packs much sound, original, hands-on advice into this compact guide, such as the Snowball and Avalanche methods of repayment and how to use credit cards and loan to build credit. This is a standout resource for young people just entering the workforce and anyone looking to become more knowledgeable in managing their finances, with even the material covering investments pitched to the circumstances of real life. This is a nuts-and-bolts guide to getting started building financial security.

Takeaway: This hands-on guide to building financial freedom is keyed into the challenges of today.

Great for fans of: Tiffany Aliche’s Get Good With Money, Lynnette Khalfani’s Zero Debt for College Grads.

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