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Aaron Marcus, author

This 'cookbook' should be read by anyone interested in getting started in the acting or modling industry for themselves or their children or for those who want to jump to the next level in their career. 

Aaron walks people through the process of getting started, creating the right photos, finding legetimate agents and photographers, properly preparing before auditions, memorization techniques, marketing yourself, shooting auditions from home and even how to use nervousness to yoru advantage.

This is the best investment someone could make who is wanting to see themselves in TV commercials, films, or on billboards and posters or in magazines and newspapers. And he uses his experience of a 30-plus year career as well as over 1,200 bookings to date.

Jane Blum - President of FunnyFace Today, Inc. NY

"This 'cookbook' for acting and modeling will teach you everything you need to know to get started, find agents, create effective head shots and commercial photos that can get you work, learn auditioning techniques and book more jobs. It is the most complete and informative book available."

Jane Blum - President

FunnyFace Today, Inc. (FFT) - N.Y.