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She is an introspective personal journal. Express yourself here. Step into journaling like you’ve never done before with Gadanke's original writing prompt journal. Explore your inner self, your secret wishes, and your hidden hopes. Celebrate what makes you jump out of bed, and most important: document who you are. For preteen to adult women.
Blank page journals are hard. This isn't!

I'm so excited. I love the papers and writing prompts. It's hard for me to journal with a blank page.

Suzanne, Oklahoma

I've journaled for years. This journal is perfect!

I have thoroughly enjoyed the journal. After years of journaling and a limitless number of types of journals, this style works perfectly for me. Love that I can add things as I go. Bound books don't let you do that! The 5.5 x 4.5 size is also perfect as I can fit it into my purse.

Susan, Massachusetts 

This book with its beautiful words is helping me see my beauty again.

I'm so impressed with this Gadanke book. I lost my husband last year. One of the things I'm hung up on is dreaming again—having a new tomorrow and goals. I'm going to give my therapist this little book and your website because this book with its beautiful words is helping me see my beauty again, and my hope is that I will again pursue dreams instead of fearing pain.

Nancy, Florida