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A unique blend of Scifi and Fantasy with a peppering of romance, filled with action, fights with horrific alien monsters, and thrilling flights on the hawk-headed flying horses called Karda. The Circles of Disorder are spreading, and Tessa must learn to fight the terrible alien creatures they spawn. She becomes the Austringer—one who hunts with hawks. Born with powerful Talent in all three elements, it is blocked at age seven when she fails to heal her dying mother. Her deepest desire is to be a Healer. But now she must become a killer. Galen, a covert agent from the trade ship secretly orbiting Adalta, is the handsome, arrogant privileged son of a powerful man. One he has never been able to please. Now terribly burn scarred, filled with guilt and bitter about his thoughtless attempts to smuggle hi-tech weapons to this low-tech—anti-tech planet, he is forced to reassess his life. Confused by his impossible ability to foster the growth of plant life, even manipulate rocks and soil, he struggles with a new, intense, visceral feeling of responsibility toward Adalta. He’s never felt responsible for anything before, never cared. Forced to work together, Tessa and Galen fight the minions of the newly awakened Itza Larrak, the ancient alien responsible for the Circles of Disorder who threatens all life on Adalta.