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How do you build the life of your dreams when everyone tells you it’s unrealistic? How do you have a successful career and find balance? Continue to fight through loss and discomfort? The answer is not being fearless! Society teaches you that fear is bad and asking for help is weakness. But these are all lies. We all live with fear. It’s a natural human emotion. The truth is, fear gives you the opportunity to be brave. If you've ever stopped short of a dream out of fear, F*CK FEARLESS is for you. In F*CK FEARLESS, you'll learn The BRAVE Method.: A 360° approach to thinking creatively and strategically about what you want to change and create in your life. But this book is way more than theory! You’ll see The BRAVE Method in action through Heather Vickery’s personal experiences, inspiring stories from real people she’s worked with and interviewed, and brave actionable tips you can implement for yourself. Whether dreaming big is new for you, fear has prevented you from taking brave action, or you’re simply sick and tired of feeling stuck, this book is for you! Get ready to laugh, cry, and think your way to building a bigger, bolder, braver, and more joy-filled life. Just like all of the brave dreamers and thought leaders you’ll meet in this book, you can use The BRAVE Method over and over again to solve any problem and plan any element of the beautiful life you deserve. It’s your time to say, “F*CK FEARLESS!” and become radically honest, authentic, vulnerable, and BRAVE!