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FINDING YOUR IDENTITY HAS NEVER BEEN THIS DANGEROUS. Farah is a night watcher. It's a job she's had in her Village for over a year, and it may end up being her role. Roles are important. They're how you survive in the barren, post-apocalyptic desert known as the bowl. But Farah doesn't want to be a night watcher, and, the truth is, she doesn't know what she wants. Rubik is from another planet. He just crash-landed on Earth after being lost in the galaxies for what felt like a millennia. He doesn't remember anything of his race, his purpose, or his origins. All he has to his name are troubling, consuming questions. On a chilly, starry night, their paths will cross, sending them on a dual journey to find answers. Yet their venture of discovery quickly turns into a race for survival: The undergrounders, a band of ruthless desert pirates, know something about Rubik that Farah does not, and they'll stop at nothing to take him captive. Fans of fast-paced dystopians will instantly connect with this adventure that's packed with action, romance, and a gut-wrenching finale.