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Kevin Rose
Kevin Rose, author
After the horrific events of September 11, 2001, Kevin Rose knew that warfare was inevitable, and he needed to develop a way to help those who served when they returned home. He witnessed how the devastating attacks affected the country’s collective psyche and felt the resulting meteoric rise in his manual therapy clients’ stress levels. Kevin knew if he could build a program to help combat veterans counterbalance stress, people from all walks of life could benefit as well. Calling on a lifetime of experience with wildlife interaction and a career in human wellness, he explored this question: can a face to face, adrenaline-fueled encounter with a lion, tiger, cougar, or leopard possibly facilitate deep relaxation? The idea sounds counterintuitive, but the lesson Kevin learned from these rescued captive-wild creatures is how to gain peace through counterbalance. We counterbalance hunger by eating, thirst by drinking, and fatigue with rest. For stress and anxiety, the natural remedy, taught by the world’s most powerful apex predators, is total sensory engagement. This book offers: * a simple grounding technique to shift from feeling chaotic to calm in seconds * tips for using this grounding technique to deeply attune to the wisdom of nature. * the potential to dramatically transform your emotions, your personal environment, and perhaps, the world. “I often say that the simplest things are the hardest to teach and learning to be present is no exception. Fortunately, though, when learning in nature our hearts can easily connect to the presence path. Kevin’s grounding experiences of healing in the natural world will hopefully resonate and direct you inward towards remembering the inherent peace all sentient beings share.” -Richard Rohr, bestselling author and founder of the Center For Action & Contemplation