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My handbook for reflection and recollection to tune my soul for amusement and pleasure. Favorite quote: MUSAEUS "Song is to mortals of all things the sweetest" as per Aristotle in "On Poetry and Music" as translated by S.H. Butcher: Bobbs Merrill Company Inc. Publishers (Library of Liberal Arts: Oscar Piest, Founder) I have fond memories of my mother reading poetry to me at night snug in my bed: ONE HUNDRED AND ONE FAMOUS POEMS and growing up in a little Iowa burg with my puckish friends, to taunt and haunt the orchards, woods, lumberyard and railroad depot. Moving on I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English; taught English and Shakespeare to engineers in Puerto Rico; returned to studies at the University of Iowa where I met and experience the work of many poets and artists in Iowa City. My first book of poems "Nine Lives' was published by Brad Harvey at Ocotillo Press.