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Lester Blum
Lester Blum, author
Beyond the Swirl is a flight of fantasy; a brief suspension of reality yet, mixed into the world of reality. The reader will travel to a new, amazing pre-historic world where Dinosaurs ruled. Experience in an up-close and personal manner three diverse dinosaur periods along with Alex and his younger sister, Cathy. As you travel along, you will encounter a myriad of both predators and prey. In visualizing their exploits, all emotions will be stimulated. You will be excited, enchanted, scared, amazed, and touched by their escapades as they traverse this land of colossal creatures. Having been exposed to the hustle and bustle of a large metropolis like New York City, you would think that the siblings would have the survival skills to navigate this new world. But this is a different world; one in which the strongest survive. The story stimulates the imagination of the young reader ages 6 to 12 while illustrating a strong sibling relationship between the two protagonists, Alex and Cathy. As they struggle to survive and return home, Alex’s role evolves from that of being the brother to that of protector and surrogate parent creating additional depth to the adventure story. Coupled with factual information regarding the Dinosaurs, Beyond the Swirl allows anyone to immerse themselves into this suspenseful story. Live, see, feel, experience this adventure. Fantasy or reality, only the reader can decide.