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Dan Blakely, author
Over 175 pages full of just about EVERYTHING from A-Z. Just look inside the book and check out the table of contents and you will agree, this IS the COMPLETE guide! There are a lot of books on the market about how to have a garage sale and yes some about making money buying at garage sales but many of them can be limited in their information. There is just SO MUCH opportunity out there; Antiques, vintage stuff from the 70's and 80's, CD's, Book's and the list goes on. However, to succeed at this, having the right systems, information and tools is critically important. This book provides valuable insights into successfully mastering the world of these sales. First, how to find and haggle for objects of value and, second, how to easily resell those same objects for a nice profit. Beginning with a section titled “How to Use This Book,” the author instructs his readers on how to maximize their efforts, how to discern what is worth buying (and, as importantly, what isn’t), and how to negotiate the best price. He also discusses many other very valuable perks to attending garage, yard and estate sales. Once the buyer has secured his or her bargains, the author walks the reader through an easy step-by-step system to resell those items for a great profit without spending a whole lot of time. Dan Blakely also helps his readers find their own personal niche. Using individual knowledge, the reader already possesses, to dominate those sales. This guide brims with nuts-and-bolts advice. For example, there is a chapter on how to organize your self without taking up too much room in your home and the middle of the book is devoted to instructing the reader on finding value in common items, such as DVDs, CDs, and books.