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Adult; Self-Help; (Publish)

We live in a society where talking openly about your feelings and mood comes with reluctance. For some people their daily stresses and worries can grow into an unchecked illness. There is nothing more terrifying than living with a mental illness while it consumes your thoughts and ultimately takes control of your actions. The critical decision by author Anthony Bayss to voluntarily admit himself into an emergency psychiatric center was made to stymie another attempted suicide. Voluntary Admission explores how even a well-educated person, who comes from a loving family, can be struck down with major depression in the prime of his life. The book outlines how the character traits of individuals can play a supporting role in contributing to illnesses like depression. Anthony puts aside his worries about what others may think of his major depression to write a very personal account of how quickly his mental state spiraled out of control. For those people who have an undiagnosed mental illness you will be encouraged to seek help after experiencing the authors detailed hospitalization and outpatient treatments. Anthony's story teachers readers that when life events propel your character to breaking point, asking for help does not dent your pride it saves your life.