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jevan pradas, author

What secrets do Amazonian tribes, Himalayan hermits, and enlightened monks know about health and happiness that have been lost to the world today?

In The Awakened Ape Jevan Pradas uses evolutionary psychology to hack the human mind and body to answer the question: "How can we enjoy life to the fullest?" The results, while unexpected, are completely backed by science.

Perpetually bored, anxious, fatigued and overweight, modern society has failed to deliver the happiness it promised. The remedy, Jevan argues, is in a unique synthesis of a Paleolithic lifestyle and Buddhist meditation.

A sprawling journey, featuring Jevan's adventures with naked Amazonian tribes and retreats with enlightened monks to learn the secrets of optimal well-being, The Awakened Ape will teach you how to achieve deep states of bliss. All while shaping your body into the fit and healthy animal millions of years of evolution programmed you to be.

You will learn:

  • How to meditate -- from instructions for the absolute beginner to techniques for deep states of ecstasy and awakening
  • How to eat the optimally healthy diet for both physical and mental health
  • How to train the attention span so you can be focused and
  • efficient all day long
  • How to exercise so that is fun, enjoyable, and something you look forward to
  • How to get rid of the habit of negative thinking in just one week
  • How to live like a caveman in the modern world in order to get the most out of your genetics
  • How to properly go to the bathroom (Yes, you have been doing it wrong)
  • And much, much, more..