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JulieJoe B.
Author, Illustrator, Translator, Contributor, Editor (anthology), Service Provider
JulieJoe B., author
Ethan Templeton awakens the All-Seeing Eye is an unexpected story about a young boy’s task of saving the world. It presents a world of tug-of-war with good and evil.
Literary Titan


APR 10, 202020,

Posted by Literary Titan  

Ethan Templeton Awakens the All-Seeing Eye is a captivating fantasy story showcasing the imagination of JulieJoe B. We find a world struggling with the invisible line between what’s right and what’s wrong. We follow Ethan, who believes in the impossible, and is able to ultimately find the good in things. This trait comes in handy as Ethan must find all the good people in the world to ward off an impending crisis. In a dramatic fight against the Evil Watchers of Time, can Ethan manage to restore power to the people of the universe?

Ethan Templeton Awakens The All-Seeing Eye delivers an engrossing story with an easy narrative. A perfect setup to deliver thought-provoking themes that don’t require mental gymnastics to wrap your head around. The easy style of writing lends itself well to the vividly painted world. One of my favorite paragraphs to read was the suspenseful beginning of the second chapter; “Night had fallen and only the vision of the darkness had been seen. Ethan’s surroundings felt cold and damp, only being held there by the seat belt.”

The dialogue throughout the story felt authentic and consistently compelling. I enjoyed reading the interactions between Ethan, his parents, and his aunt and uncle at the beginning of the story. Ethan was a sincere character that I felt I could relate to. The story is told in the third person, but I would have enjoyed more first person introspection, just to dive into Ethan’s head a bit more.What makes a person good? What makes a person evil? As young adults are growing and learning more about the world, they are also grappling with behavior and social changes. This is why I think this would be a great book for middle school or young adults. I think, in the end, it was a question about sacrifice and what you are willing to give up for other people.

I would recommend Ethan Templeton Awakens The All-Seeing Eye to readers who enjoy superhero fantasies. 

Pages: 351 | ASIN: B07ZN7X7SF