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Luke Metcalf, author
Devastated by her father’s brutal murder, seventeen-year-old Emily Bliss is determined to find his killers, even after everyone else has given up. As Emily attempts to follow their trail, she encounters a mysterious stranger at a party. Beneath his handsome looks, physical prowess, vast wealth, intimidating presence and hypnotizing eyes, she can sense that he is tormented by demons that she cannot yet fathom. Soon Emily is shocked yet thrilled to realize that she is falling uncontrollably in love with him to the point of obsession. But an early birthday gift Emily’s father left for her has revealed secrets about her life, buried centuries ago, that will hurl her into a dark underworld that she never dreamed existed and point to a great destiny awaiting her, if only she can survive long enough to seize it... EXTRAORDINARILY SUSPENSEFUL, THE WELL OF MANY WORLDS IS AN EPIC TALE OF LOVE, MAGIC, DESTINY AND SEDUCTION. Book 2 in the Well of Many Worlds series will be released Halloween 2019.