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A. Lopez Jr.
A. Lopez Jr., author
When Camila approached horror author A. Lopez Jr. in 2019, she had no idea that her life was about to change forever. Over the next two years, she shared her family's haunting story, and now, her chilling autobiography is finally here. Growing up in a traditional Mexican-American family in Arizona, Camila was an ordinary girl with an extraordinary gift that would ultimately lead her down a dark and sinister path. In this gripping memoir, Camila shares her harrowing journey of coming to terms with her paranormal abilities, as she grapples with the shadows that lurk in her family's home and the malevolent presence that seems to have taken hold of her devout Catholic mother. As Camila uncovers the truth behind her family's sinister secrets, she takes readers on a terrifying journey, filled with twists and turns, as she battles to rid herself of her debilitating curse. But with the fear that she may pass on her gift to her young daughter, Camila is left wondering if she will ever be truly free. I'll Tell You My Secrets is a haunting tale, steeped in deeply rooted Mexican-American culture and beliefs, that shines a light on the shadows that exist just beyond the edge of reality. In this work of fiction inspired by true events, this gripping memoir will challenge everything you thought you knew about religion and science, leaving readers with a frightening glimpse into the dark forces that hunger for our souls. If you're a believer in the paranormal or simply looking for a spine-chilling read, then this is a must-have for your bookshelf. Scroll up and get your copy of I'll Tell You My Secrets today, and discover a world where some things can't be changed, and some things don't want to be changed.