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Mike Slosberg
Author, Illustrator
A Baby To Die For

A BABY TO DIE FOR is novel about the black market in babies. During the early seventies, Roe v Wade and easily available contraception resulted in a dearth of healthy caucasian infants for adoption. A ruthless lawyer and a New York City detective collide in an epic struggle that lays bare the horror and heartbreak that takes place when the human yearning for a baby trumps all logic.

Slosberg (The Hitler Error) delivers an emotional gut punch to the reader in this thriller, set in 1972 and involving the American black market for adoption. New Yorkers Ellen and Tuck Handler are desperate to have a child after Ellen suffers two miscarriages. Their doctor has warned against any further attempts to get pregnant, since he believes they would imperil Ellen’s life. The Handlers explore adoption through a reputable agency, only to be laughed at by the social worker, Harriet Flynn, for the list they’ve drawn up of their ideal baby’s characteristics. Flynn notes that the recent Roe v. Wade decision will only lower the number of infants available, and the Handlers decide to explore the shady underworld where babies are bought and sold. The windup isn’t quite as effective as the setup, but Slosberg does a good job of incorporating ethical issues into his plot. (BookLife)
kirkus Review

“In Slosberg’s ... third novel, a ruthless lawyer, a New York City detective and a vengeful sister collide in the wrenching world of black market adoptions...the intricate plotting throws in...gut-wrenching surprises and leads to a solid ending that lives up to its title. A thriller that refreshingly addresses tough issues...” Kirkus Reviews

Steve Guttenberg, Actor, Writer, Humanitarian

Mike Slosberg’s novel is a modern juggernaut. So clearly written with pace and intensity, bathed in a compassionate liquid that is the most primal of our humanity: procreation and the next best thing, adoptionat any cost.

Steve Guttenberg, Actor, Writer, Humanitarian

The Dark Side of Adoption––The Black Market

The expose/advocacy novel has a long and successful history in bringing to the world’s attention the cruelty of entrenched injustice. Mike Slosberg’s
A BABY TO DIE FOR fits squarely into that tradition. What Upton Sinclair did
for the meat slaughtering industry in his novel, THE JUNGLE, and Harriet  Beecher Stowe did to indict slavery in UNCLE TOM’S CABIN...A BABY TO DIE FOR takes on the horrors of the black market adoption racket....It has been a while since we heard from a novelist with the skill and knowledge to...[produce] a thriller that gets to the heart of the subject and calls our attention to the duplicity, horror and heartbreak that ensue when evil perpetrators exploit the natural human yearning for offspring.

—Warren Adler, Author of “War of the Roses”

This novel will keep you up all night.

Start reading early or this novel will keep you up all night! Slosberg’s thriller plunges the reader into the world of barren couples desperate for a child and the predators who exploit them....With taut writing and colorful characters, he plays with our emotions by depicting the...innocent young women coerced into...birthing babies to be sold off to the highest bidder, and the lawyers and middlemen who profit from them.

Gail Sheehy, author of “Passages”