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Kate Condie
A Bandit's Vow
Kate Condie, author
She never dared to dream of a love of her own. He never dreamed marriage would be his most dangerous exploit. Eloise Morris always puts her family first, and she spends her days working hard to support them. Marriage has never been part of her plans, but when Eloise is suddenly faced with the prospect of losing their family farm she does the unthinkable and accepts an offer of marriage... from a man who is little more than an outlaw. By rights, Aaron Harder should have been dead by now. Long ago, he chose to live fast and die young. Against all odds, he's somehow still standing. But hiding out with money burning a hole in his pockets, waiting for the day a bounty hunter will come to take him to the gallows, is not living. When fate hands him a chance to do one good thing with his miserable life, he grasps it and offers himself to Eloise Morris as her husband in a marriage of convenience meant to save her family from ruin. Now if Aaron can only get Eloise to look him in the eye, this washed-up bandit might just be able to propose to the fresh-faced young woman with the beautiful innocent eyes who is much, much too good for a man like himself…