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Tammy Andresen
A Bargain with a Beast
What’s a man to do when a tiny baby is dropped at his door? Lord Griswold Smith isn’t exactly genteel, despite his title. Gris is a hard hitting, gin making, gaming hell running, cursing and spitting giant of a man. Who would even leave a baby in his care? He’ll find her mother, return her from whence she came, and go back to his derelict life. Until he can track down the fool of a woman who dropped tiny Rose off to begin with, he’ll need help. A temporary nanny should do the trick. Her new employer is an absolute beast…. But she’s as desperate as a woman can be. Which is why Miss Violet Chase accepts the nanny position even though Lord Griswold is as large and imposing as a man comes. With her father’s imprisonment, she has no alternative. And besides, the first time she sees Gris’s massive arms wrapped around a tiny little baby, something deep inside her shifts. And when the demons of her father’s past come knocking, suddenly a large and intimidating man is exactly what she needs. Is he strong enough to beat back the demons that chase her all while holding a tiny babe in his arms? And how might it feel to be held in that same way? She’d like to find out…