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A Beekeeper's Diary 2nd Edition

Adult; Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion; (Market)

"A Beekeeper's Diary Self-Guide to Beekeeping 2nd Edition" is available in print (310-pages 8.5x11 inches black and white photos) and ebook (70% color). The book covers the first 3 years of beekeeping and supports beginning beekeeping classes with helpful guides and checklists; stands alone as a helpful guide for those who can't make a class but still want to start keeping bees, and includes an extensive helpful index.

The Diary is also a class guide for a Great Plains Master Beekeeping Beginning Class and a study guide for Great Plains Master Beekeeping's (GPMB) online Apprentice to Journeyman test. The GPMB educational teach-the-teacher program is out of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and is offered in 7 midwest states.