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Tammy Andresen
A Bet with a Baron
No one can play the game like her… Though her title is lady now, Mirabelle Smith wasn’t always. Bastard daughter to the Earl of Easton, she grew up without any of her father’s wealth or power to protect her. Which is why when she determines to be the belle of next London’s season, she knows that playing fair won’t get her what she most desires. The only way to win is to use every trick she’s carefully stashed up her lace cuff. Because if growing up on the wrong side of London has taught her anything, it’s that cheaters often win, and gambling only works if you know how to play… The problem? She needs the help of a certain baron. Partial owner of a new gaming hell, Hell’s Corner, Baron Boxby’s part of her dark world and the glittering ton that’s just past her reach… But how to convince a man who doesn’t want any entanglements to aid her quest? A bet ought to do nicely…