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A Bloodline's Echo
M. R. Pilot, author
Since the fall of the Aktar reign over a century ago, the land of Verbena has been poorly stitched together like a rough quilt. Some cities thrive while others hang on by a thread. It is a land of myths and whispers, and all history is ancient. Eighteen-year-old barkeep Cori has always wanted to venture out of her feeder town of Sagebrush. Her mother has always been vicious and haunted, and her absent father is a mystery that she desperately wants to solve. But the roads are better suited for protected traders and dangerous travelers, and Cori can’t imagine life without her best friend, Wilder. That all changes when a fateful incident releases something inside Cori — a power so bizarre she has no choice but to delve into the unknown to search for answers. A captivating stranger offers her a glimpse into the world of the Avadi: people who can awaken unique abilities through a profound experience. The deeper Cori gets in this world, the more tangled she becomes in a web of schemes. She soon finds herself at the epicenter of a decades-long conflict between two warring sides: one that stands for peace and shadows, and another that is poised to reinstate a new rule over Verbena. Dark plots are at work and Cori alone may be the one to tip the scales. But every side—and everyone—has a secret. And her secret might be the biggest of all.