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A Christian Life Without Father God
Leanne Goff, author
A deep, quiet, and life-changing transition is taking place in our world today. It is happening across the cultures of the world, is not driven by the media, nor can it be stopped or sidelined. It will succeed! We really do not know God, as He desires to be known, until we know Him as Father. When we begin to see the centrality of this truth in the Bible, we hold a new book in our hands. Leanne walks us through the most painful seasons of her life. She came out not only a presentation of what it means to call God "Father," but she has also come into a powerful alignment with the Kingdom of God…the Family Business. She has become her message, pointing to a path made clear, on how to become a son or daughter of God.A testimony is irrefutable, sustainable, and beyond human logic. This book will aid you in understanding the "where-to-from-here" issue for those who are finding God as Father. Welcome to the eternal future and the Kingdom: Family of God!A Christian Life Without Father God is an invitation for spiritual orphans to find their way home. The disease and tragedy of Father deficiency is causing more deaths than any other disease in our lives and society. The pages in this book are filled with passion for a passionate Father that wants all His spiritual orphans to finally come home. You are a beautiful son or daughter that Father God wants to express His love to, and then send you forth to give that love away to others.Leanne has learned the language of love that is being communicated all over the world. She has been in the darkness of Pakistan, amongst the poor in Africa, mothering an army of world changers in Cuba, releasing the Kingdom of God in the Philippines, and expressing the unending love of a wonderful Father across America. She travels with the language of love, bringing transformation to lives and nations.The Apostle Paul said, “For if you were to have countless tutors in Christ, yet you would not have many fathers, for in Christ Jesus I became your father through the gospel.” (I Corinthians 4:15)The foundation of Spiritual Inheritance in the Kingdom of God is found in these pages. A double portion “anointing” is available for anyone that will allow Holy Spirit to lead him or her home.
In this breezy memoir, Goff details her experiences growing up without a father figure. Goff writes that at age 12 she decided that she would not let her fatherlessness define her. Instead, she would become a young woman “propelled into [her] designed destiny.” Goff was able to find common cause with the support group Teen Challenge, which helped underscore the message she feels she has been called upon to preach: God offers true love and care, especially to the parentless. She did eventually meet her birth father, but it wasn’t until she was 28 and he was dying of cancer. His death caused Goff’s immersion into Christianity and ministry to deepen, and she learned to appreciate the fatherhood of God, whom believers can confidently turn to as one turns to an earthly father. This uplifting story will be welcomed by Christian readers seeking a tale of affirmation and triumph over trauma. (BookLife)