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Isa Millot
A Coffee with Archangels
Isa Millot, author
A new kind of coaching! It is in a spirit of sharing that the author challenges the codes of classical spirituality. The Archangels reveal step by step how to unlock your full potential and live a fulfilled, free and creative life.
Millot debuts with an impassioned study on self-actualization through communing with archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. She opens with her childhood, sharing the challenges she faced when ostracized by peers and facing family turmoil, and details the reassuring presence of her archangel “friends” throughout, such as her first vivid experience with them in a dream and her fear of announcing their presence to others. To help readers “dare to be yourself no matter what the circumstances,” Millot offers a step-by-step process to engage the archangels and embrace their guidance, by crafting structured and intentional letters to each of them individually.

Spiritually minded readers will soak up the almost-lyrical devotion Millot evinces: “Life is like a symphony whose tempo adapts to the passing of time,” she writes, “this great journey that transforms matter into a trail of powder.” To prompt self-awareness, she describes the persona of each angel (Michael displays a natural authority, while Uriel is the “mature child” who will elicit a sense of magic in life) and outlines the process of “light coaching”—14 structured letters, each written to one of the four archangels, to prompt progressive growth towards the goal of empowerment and wholeness. Millot includes sample letters to crystallize her guidance, and key elements to address in each one, all welcome additions given the complexity of her subject.

Though this can be a challenging theme to share and fully comprehend—Millot acknowledges the judgment of others has interfered at times with her own understanding—her passion and desire to help is evident throughout this guide. Cautioning that “spirituality is supposed to be an environment of tolerance and love,” Millot’s advice is warm and intimate, a comforting balance of abstract and precise. She closes the book with a helpful listing of requests readers can make of the archangels, along with situation-specific instructions,and gentle encouragement to “go forward without fear.

Takeaway: An inviting how-to for believers on communicating with archangels.

Great for fans of:: Linda Pendleton’s Softly With Love, Joanne Brocas’s The Power of Angels.

Production grades
Cover: B+
Design and typography: B
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: B
Marketing copy: B