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Maria B. Moses
A Curse of Roses
Stay hidden. Run if you can. Fight if you must.​ Lillianett belongs to a family of Renai, cursed children of the Halibel bloodline that began when Queen La-Muse committed an unforgivable sin. On the day the curse is passed down, burned onto flesh, the Renai must go to another world, Glorus, for a year and survive under the constant threat of being found and prosecuted. As the ninth generation Renai, the curse is a glorified birdcage of boredom and isolation. Lillianett trains for the day she might get caught and languishes in her growing desire to break free.​ Her recklessness threatens to be her ruining when she saves a prince's life and he tempts her out of her birdcage and away from the eight generations of hiding.