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Amanda Braun Boe
A Devil in Every Dark Corner
Thirty-two-year-old Imogen Abernathy is fed up with being a witch. And she’s definitely had enough of her family’s ghost and monster-hunting business, Otherworldly Investigations. But when her younger sister, Carmen, has an otherworldly mishap, Imogen has no choice but to return home to face her past and her deep mistrust of witchcraft. Drawn back into the world of magic, Imogen and Carmen begin investigating a series of grisly murders that may be linked to the mysterious Thistle Witch, a powerful entity with demonic abilities. As magical creatures flee from the Thistle Witch, the sisters realize that they have to tap into old and dangerous witchcraft if they have any hope of defeating this sinister threat. Can they find a way to protect themselves, their family, and the world of magic before the Thistle Witch unleashes her gruesome murder machine? A Devil in Every Dark Corner is the first novel in the Otherworldly Investigations series, which follows Imogen and Carmen Abernathy as they try to aid clients with their paranormal and cryptid quandaries. Along the way, both sisters must also decide what exactly they want in the sometimes-messy world of witchcraft.