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Robert E. Kearns
A Donnybrook Affair
Lemuel Plant is a hard-up private investigator working out of a shabby downtown office. He's ready to quit, and is determined that his next case will be his last. Plant is visited by the beautiful Florence Joiner, who wants to collect evidence against her husband, who she alleges is having an affair with his secretary. On the job, Plant follows Harold Joiner, the managing partner of a successful firm. But he also follows his client, which leads him to the affluent suburb of Donnybrook and its country club. There, Plant discovers there's more to the story than what she disclosed Intrigue, a compelling plot, and the salacious going-on between the well-heeled people of Donnybrook, make this a must-read for lovers of vintage detective fiction.

"This is a nice private eye story set in an undisclosed time frame when life was without today's technology. Our narrator, Lemuel Plant, the private detective, can be instantly seen with the mind's eye and the reader is transported with ease.

I enjoyed the read, nothing too out of the ordinary in such a story, which may have led to my complacency because I was pleasantly blindsided with the twist!

This novel is a perfect weekend read."


Four Stars

"Good detective story. Quick and easy read."