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A Dragonfly's Wing

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

Poverty. Politics. Betrayal. The new novel that readers are saying "can't be put down" and "deserves the hype". What happens when you mix Britain’s new prime minister and her secret past; a writer whose new book seems all too real; his former roommate, now a French cultural attaché; and a young homeless man who needs to escape from his mother and her abusive boyfriend? Prepare for intrigue as all of their paths converge. Set in London, Paris, and Vienna, this is the new novel by the author of My Memory Told Me a Secret.

A Dragonfly's Wing is a moving LGBT coming of age novel. ... Between its political intrigues and emotional highs and lows, A Dragonfly's Wing sheds light on underwritten issues such as poverty nestled among the affluent.