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Kris Allis
A False Start
Kris Allis, author
Have you ever known fear and hopelessness as well as you knew members of your own family? Anissa Brogdon has. The morning of September 11, 2001, Dr. Foley Brogdon is attending a medical conference at the World Trade Center, while Anissa, his wife, waits for him at the Marriott Hotel. By noon all of lower Manhattan is in complete chaos. By nightfall Foley has no idea where his wife is. After 16 days without finding her, he reluctantly accepts the heartbreaking fact that she is one of the many casualties that day. Months later, an anonymous caller informs him that his wife is alive and teaching in Georgia. Foley’s first instinct is to dismiss the call as a cruel joke, until it occurs to him that the caller is in possession of facts about Anissa that only she could have shared. Soon Foley is on a plane headed to Atlanta to find his wife and bring her home, but Anissa runs for her life at their first encounter. Thus begins a relentless pursuit—from Powder Springs, GA to Boston, MA and back to Manhattan where it all began. Why did Anissa choose to disappear during the horror show of 9/11? Is she set to run a cross-country marathon with a false start?
Kirkus Reviews

"A sprawling, ambitious novel..."

Debut Novel

Release Date 12/15/2014