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Anne Lee
A Gathering of Blood and Magic
Anne Lee, author
Captain Garridan knows his enemy well. The Erepos, whose bite turns humans into zombie-like creatures, have isolated his people from the world. After one of the Infected breaches the city walls, desperation forces Garridan to do the impossible: enter a world of magic to escort his king and plea for aid from the mysterious faerie queen and her princesses, who shut their doors to humanity a thousand years ago. Raised by the cryptic sorcerer liaising the discussions between Garriden’s king and the Fae monarchy, Commander Nevada and Princess Liana have spent more time in human kingdoms than most of their brethren. They want to help, but Nevada is still recovering from her own country’s invasion, and Liana seeks answers to questions that should not be asked in their perfect world. Garridan thought the Fae—immune to the infection caused by Erepos—would be their salvation. But as the gathering progresses and blood is spilled inside the protected kingdom, appearances become illusions. Not everyone can be trusted, and Erepos may be just the surface of an unimaginable threat. In a race for survival, Garridan allies himself with Nevada to unravel the truth, before humans are driven to extinction and the faerie kingdom would be the next to fall.