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Susan Lax
A Heart's Landscape: An Invitation to the Garden of Moments
Susan Lax, author
Unlock a moment of joy in each day, no matter how challenging times may be. Let this beautiful collection of stories, poems, and words from the garden of the author's heart offer insights, comfort, and healing. Some days, our hearts or souls can't find the glasses to see, and we cannot hear our own music. We find ourselves on autopilot, forgetting the preciousness of being and losing touch with our creative spirit. But on other days, our being fills with excitement, magically showing us the miracle of joy. Author Susan Lax explores the gifts of awareness and encourages the reader to be present in the moment. With A Heart's Landscape, Lax offers a path to an attentive heart. On every page, her words and timeless photographs meet your soul in the perfect place. In times of grief, illness, or life transitions, you'll find healing and strength within these pages. As a spiritual counselor, end-of-life caregiver, and Reiki practitioner, Lax shares the truths and inspirations she has learned from the beauty of the human spirit and the gifts of nature and awareness. Wonderment patiently hopes to be discovered and illuminated by all you are.