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Josie Riviera
A Homecoming To Cherish
All relationships require a commitment, but is she ready to sacrifice her heart again? Hard-working accountant Nora Lancaster returns to her modest hometown to help manage an inn that her parents once owned. In order to escape small-town living, she’d married young and moved away. Now, as a single mother of a rebellious teenage daughter, she doesn’t intend to stay long—only a few weeks at most—or until the current owner of the inn recovers from his heart attack. World-weary Julian Wilson is a businessman who arrives in town for one reason—to open another restaurant. He’s lived life as a bachelor and is at the peak of a rewarding career. Interested in the possibilities of another profitable venture, he views the town as a place to manage an extensive restaurant chain and finally settle down. Nora never expected to meet a man like Julian—all business, as well as a formidable opponent—or to be instantly attracted to his kind nature and faith in God. But can Julian convince Nora he’s not the rival she fears?
The lighthearted if underdeveloped fifth entry in Riviera’s Cherish series (after A Christmas Puppy to Cherish) follows single mother Nora Lancaster as she takes her teenage daughter on a monthlong trip to her “sleepy little” hometown, Cherish. Nora returns to help the ailing owner of the inn that was formerly run by her parents, and her first task is to help out at the inn’s restaurant. She waits on Julian Wilson, a businessman with a “well-defined jaw” and “handsome features” who is in town to scout a new location for a high-end restaurant chain. After an evening of flirty banter, Julian convinces Nora to go on a date with him, but Nora remains wary of getting close, knowing she’ll soon leave town and that Julian’s new restaurant could put the inn’s out of business. As they continue to see each other, Julian reintroduces Nora to the Christian faith she’d left behind when she moved out of Cherish as a teenager. When things become more serious between Nora and Julian, she must decide if she should prolong her stay indefinitely. Readers will root for Nora and Julian, but the quick pace and overall brevity make the romance feel rushed, and the dialogue can be clunky (“As a child, I went [to church] happily and willingly. However, when I reached my teens, I dug in my heels and refused”). This doesn’t quite stick the landing. (Self-published)
Amazon Reader

The joy of ordinary life in a quaint decent respectable town. With the book's perfect cover, nice humorous introduction, roosters, coffee, and your neighborhood intriguing characters makes this romance a delightful read. Josie Riviera draws the reader into the page turning plot and satisfies the reader with a believable conclusion. Crissy's Chicken 'n Dumpling Recipe included. I enjoy the Cherish series. Each story including book 5 A Homecoming to Cherish is self-contained.

Amazon Reader 5 star Review

I have loved reading each story in this series and the characters are wonderful. I love the faith being openly discussed and how the relationships and romance evolved in each story. Highly recommend these books. Each one gets five stars