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H.L Howard
A Journey Must Be Taken
H.L Howard, author
Fate and destiny conspire in this first-in-series quest toward happily ever after, featuring a would-be couple. Middle-aged businessman Tauri connects and is bewitched by the much younger Libi while he’s still unhappily married. When he makes a wish for her to have a new life, she follows his step to America and agrees to join him as a friend. Only after they meet a few times does Libi confess her love but makes the heartbreaking decision to leave when it appears that Tauri’s lofty goals will always stand in their way. Now divorced, Tauri enters the world of tarot reading for romantic guidance, which leads him on a journey back to Libi in more ways than one—and on numerous occasions. But are their destinies truly interwoven? Or is fate having a good time forcing a romance when no-mance is really the best path? The truth lies in the stars and the cards in this epic tale in which the pair’s mistakes are never as big as their desire for each other.