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John Bae
A Killer's Devotion
John Bae, author
Despite all that was revealed about Ian Ramsey’s crimes during the Hope Kane criminal trial, Ramsey is still walking the streets as a free man. Prosecutors are hesitant to indict a powerful man like Ian Ramsey, unless they are presented with irrefutable evidence that will guarantee a conviction. Until Ramsey is tried and convicted of his crimes, Hope and her friends, Edward Miller and Annie Sharpe, must live each day in fear of Ramsey taking revenge against them for derailing his scheme to frame Hope for the murder of her husband. Even Ramsey’s most trusted henchman, Dom McGee, has to run for his life for refusing to shield Ramsey from federal prosecutors by taking the rap for Ramsey’s crimes. His devotion to Ian Ramsey isn’t enough to spend the rest of his life in prison. In this sequel to A Killer’s Tears (book 2 of 3), Edward forms a new law firm with a surprising new partner to protect his friends from Ramsey’s attacks by resuscitating a prior lawsuit he had commenced against Ramsey for his crimes. He and his partner join forces with a mysterious woman, Jackie Sire, to dig into Ramsey’s world of crimes, only to uncover an unforeseen conspiracy filled with death and deception, and an unimaginably powerful man known as Odin who will do whatever is necessary to protect Ramsey. Their winner-take-all fight against Ramsey and Odin unfolds in a federal courthouse, where the jury’s verdict unwittingly will determine the life and death of the litigants.