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Jeff Berney
A Killer Secret
Jeff Berney, author

Would you kill to keep a secret?

That’s the question haunting three people whose lives become inescapably intertwined by the secrets that define them and ultimately threaten to tear them apart. A disgraced professor, a disenchanted psychologist and a deceitful patient are about to learn more than they expected about each other and themselves.

Will their relationships survive their secrets? Will they?

Everyone has secrets.

Some are just darker than others.

And some, well, they’re worth killing to keep.

Midwest Book Review

“The first thing to note about A Killer Secret is that absolutely nothing is predictable….Jeff Berney knows how to craft a suspense story that is as compelling as any Alfred Hitchcock could have shaped. As events in multiple lives move forward in a chess match-style of intrigue, readers will not only find the story replete with surprises, but should be advised that if it’s chosen for late night reading, dawn might arrive before the story’s completed.”

The Prairies Book Review

“An addictive, devour-in-one-sitting psychological thriller. Berney’s debut mixes a hefty dose of darkness with mystery and intrigue to create a deeply engrossing psychological suspense….Berney is effortless when it comes to exploring his characters’ inner turmoil while infusing themes of trauma, physical and psychological abuse, revenge, and violence into the tension-filled narrative. With its darkly intriguing, fully fleshed-out characters, taut pacing, and relentless suspense, the novel makes for a winner.”