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JT Terry
A League of My Own
JT Terry, author
A daughter's love for her mother will always be engraved in her DNA, for she is the most beautiful part that came from her mother, but in this case, she is also the most dangerous part. Solice King is a legacy assassin by birth and the Business Operations Manager of her family's wine business. As soon as she gets her footing in the world of assassins, the rug is pulled from under her with the mysterious death or murder of her mother. She is now forced to move through The League as an assassin without the guidance of her mother. Solice's destiny as an assassin was decided generations ago, which date back to her great-grandfather, who trained her grandmother, who trained her mother, who trained her. While she is given assignments by The League to deal with targets on the Black-Out List, she is also on a personal mission to find who is behind her mother's death. Her assigned Black-Out List consists of anyone from high-ranking domestic and international government officials and agencies to millionaires in business with the U.S., who have benefited from the destruction of her community but also may have ordered the hit on her mother for investigating them too closely. Ever since her mother's death, Solice has stepped into her mother's shadow to uncover the truth and to kill anyone standing her way, but she isn't alone. The closer that Solice looks into her mother's investigations and evidence, her mother's murder points to someone close to her mother, and suddenly it's not so clear who she can trust. As she continues her search for answers, she will be pushed to the limits as she fights for love, and the protection of her family and community, all while uncovering the government's biggest secrets, lies, and deceit.