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Zachary Cooper
A Little Taste of Everyone
Zukail, Z, or Zuke to those who know him, is a private investigator and in the city, there is plenty for him to do, since being a good guy here is more like not lying blatantly enough on your taxes. Money is power, and power is obvious around here. This is not fully a city of sin but is known to many as everyone is morally questionable, and the shining beacons of moral conscience are dim, few, and far between. Good pretending to be bad, bad pretending to be good, who knows who is in the middle of things. Everyone could be naughty, from managers of the grocery store to the golf course, from teachers to the sportscasters. This story isn't about one of those dim spots of light, well maybe a little bit, every couple of years. He has a calendar somewhere. It is a gritty vampire story with a vampiric society and competition. There's a new gal in town and Zukail is often a part of the team to check whether they are legitimate, lying, manipulating, or bad at it. She is not having a good time, and she might even be new to the "monster" she has become, what a treat, he gets to babysit as well. For young adults, if they are sturdy enough (that is up to you), mostly mature material. Blood, fantasy violence, drugs, and described torture.